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Leading Weight Management Company Offers Variation, Not Deprivation

Jenny Craig Offers Clients Seasonal Selections with Introduction of New Food Items

CARLSBAD, California, May 10 - As part of its ongoing strategy to continually refresh its line of Jenny's Cuisine entrees and snacks, Jenny Craig, Inc. will add four new food items to their menus in May.

"Anyone who has ever been on a weight loss program knows that one of the keys to long-term success is eating foods you enjoy," explains Lisa Talamini, Chief Nutritionist for Jenny Craig, Inc. "Continually introducing new Jenny's Cuisine food items adds even more variety to our clients' weight loss experience, which helps keeps them on track to reach their desired weight.

"Along with an active lifestyle and a motivational mindset to maintain positive changes, a healthy relationship with food is a cornerstone of Jenny Craig's Food-Body-Mind approach to weight management," adds Talamini. "From their first day on our program, clients utilize the model of Jenny's Cuisine to learn how to dine out, and shop for and prepare their own healthy meals. For example, three of the four new items are lighter versions of popular restaurant fare, and the fourth is a slimmed-down snack that satisfies the sweet tooth. These seasonal selections both add flair to client menus and show that successful weight loss at Jenny Craig doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods, as it does with so many of the so-called 'fad diets.'"

Making their debut this month:

  • Cheese Omelet with Sauce and Potato-Bell Pepper Medley - A fluffy, egg white omelet with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, diced potatoes and sweet bell peppers for breakfast.
  • Chicken, Bean & Rice Burrito - A hand-rolled burrito filled with seasoned chicken, refried beans and fluffy rice wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.
  • Vegetable and Chicken Potstickers - A protein-packed dinner of vegetable and chicken potstickers over a medley of white and brown rice dotted with carrots, bell peppers and edamame, and drizzled with a tangy soy and sesame dressing.
  • Chocolate Chip Snack Bar - Chocolate chip morsels, crispy rice and chewy oats dipped in rich chocolate.

Currently, Jenny Craig clients enjoy more than 70 prepackaged breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items that are tasty, convenient and easy to prepare. Those who prefer a more structured approach opt for Jenny Craig's planned menus, while others design their own personalized menus based on individual taste preferences and lifestyles.

Later this month, the company plans to unveil a new cookbook, Taste of the Grill - Healthy Barbecue Recipes, that will be available to clients at Jenny Craig Centres and to the general public through its Web site, Additional new Jenny's Cuisine items will be introduced in June.