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Jenny Craig Taps Expertise in Healthcare Community to Encourage Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

Relationship with Medical Advisory Board and The Cooper Institute to Provide Jenny Craig with Insight Needed to Teach Clients to Live Healthy Lifestyles

CARLSBAD, Calif., Mar. 10 - Jenny Craig, Inc., one of the world's largest weight management companies, today announced that it is partnering with prestigious medical and healthcare professionals to incorporate a more holistic approach into its program by emphasizing the importance of food, body and mind in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In the next step toward this effort, Jenny Craig executives met in January with the company's Medical Advisory Board to identify ways in which the program can further address the nutritional, psychological and physiological factors in achieving an overall healthy lifestyle. Since then, Jenny Craig has made significant strides in this direction by offering an Activity Certificate Program that teaches consultants how to recognize the stages of behavioral change and motivate clients to incorporate physical activity into their health and wellness goals.

The certificate program is part of a new relationship with The Cooper Institute, one of the nation's leading research organizations specializing in behavioral change related to physical activity. As part of the new relationship, Jenny Craig will have access to cutting-edge research that seeks to understand the relationship between lifestyle habits, such as physical activity and nutrition, and improving health and quality of life.

"We are focusing our approach not only on healthy eating, but also on healthy living through our work with the Medical Advisory Board, our new partnerships in the healthcare community and an emphasis on the importance of food, body and mind," said Jim Evans, CEO of Jenny Craig. "Our new relationship with The Cooper Institute is a shining example of how we have established our position as a company dedicated to helping people achieve not only a healthy weight, but also a healthy lifestyle."

As part of the new relationship with the Institute, Jenny Craig consultants will learn to counsel their clients on the various stages of behavioral change. Called "active lifestyle facilitation," these behavior-based motivation skills are designed to determine the level of readiness for clients as they embark on an active lifestyle.

As clients progress, Jenny Craig consultants will use their training to motivate them to the next stage, from contemplation to preparation, and then to action and maintenance. Some of the techniques they will learn include how to teach clients to adjust their goals and properly reward themselves for success at different stages.

The new relationship will allow Jenny Craig to be the first of its kind to offer a formal education module to consultants. According to Dr. Steven Blair, president and CEO of The Cooper Institute, the decision to partner with Jenny Craig was a natural fit. "The Cooper Institute has been dedicated to exploring the relationship between lifestyle habits and healthy living since 1970," said Blair. "With Jenny Craig's emphasis on the role that food, body and mind play in achieving a healthy lifestyle, it seems only natural that together we can help people reach their healthy lifestyle goals."

In addition to the insight Jenny Craig will receive from The Cooper Institute, members of the company's Medical Advisory Board will also offer ongoing counsel to update the education and lifestyle strategies presented in Client consultations and support materials. Each member plays a pivotal role in the development of the nutritional, exercise and behavioral components of the Jenny Craig program.

The Jenny Craig Medical Advisory Board consists of seven distinguished professionals in the fields of medicine, nutrition, exercise, psychology and lifestyle change. Newest members of the board include: Nehama Dresner, M.D., assistant professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology at Northwestern University; and Barbara J. Rolls, Ph.D., professor and Guthrie chair in nutrition at Pennsylvania State University.