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Company Backgrounder


Since the company started in Melbourne, Australia, in 1983, the Jenny Craig Program has helped millions of people through a scientifically-proven, balanced lifestyle approach. Our program is designed by our team of registered dietitians in consultation with our expert Science Advisory Board, whose recommendations reflect the latest research on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle change for weight management and disease prevention.

The keys to successful weight loss are a combination of knowledge and motivation. It takes knowledge to develop healthy eating habits as well as active lifestyle strategies to lose weight, and it takes ongoing motivation to maintain that weight loss. Jenny Craig provides both the education and behavioral support to help members achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.

In June 2006, ACI Capital and MidOcean partners jointly announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell Jenny Craig to Nestlé in a transaction valued at approximately $600 million. The transaction was finalized in July, 2006.

In November of 2013, North Castle Partners acquired Jenny Craig from Nestlé. North Castle is a leading private equity firm focused exclusively on Health, Wellness and Active Living companies. North Castle is combining Jenny Craig with Curves International, creating a one-of-a kind wellness company that offers consumers an array of diet and fitness tools to meet their individual needs. North Castle acquired Curves International in August 2012.

Monty Sharma, the current chief executive officer of Curves, is President and CEO of the Jenny Craig and Curves business. The Jenny Craig and Curve brands will continue to operate independently in order to provide health, fitness and weight loss solutions to different consumer segments.

Program Efficacy

Jenny Craig offers a clinically proven weight loss program. In a randomized controlled trial published in the October 27, 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Jenny Craig participants lost an average of 10% of their body weight at the one-year mark. This was compared to usual care, or those who dieted on their own, who had a weight loss of 2%.1

In addition, researchers discovered that participants assigned to Jenny Craig's protocol, which included one-on-one weekly consultations and personalized menu and activity plans, adopted a dietary pattern associated with reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke, increased physical activity/fitness levels and enhanced their overall quality of life. The two-year study followed overweight and obese women randomly assigned to Jenny Craig's In-Center weight management program, Jenny Craig At Home weight management program or usual care, which gave participants two meetings with a nutritionist and monthly follow-up calls.

Participants on Jenny Craig's program demonstrated reduced biomarkers for cardiovascular risk that can lead to chronic diseases. They also achieved favorable changes in serum leptin levels.

Program Information

Jenny Craig offers a comprehensive food/body/mind approach to healthy weight management that includes three essential success factors: creating a healthy relationship with food, building an active lifestyle, and developing a balanced approach to living.

The average member participating in the program for three months, who makes at least 75% of their weekly visits, loses about 8%-10% of their body weight—or roughly 15-20 lbs.

Jenny Craig offers a science-based program that includes components that have individually been shown to be effective for weight management, including portion control/meal replacement, reduced-energy-density foods, consistent physical activity, behavior modification, and a motivational approach to counseling.

Eat Well

Jenny Craig's nutrition (Eat Well) component includes more than 80 delicious and nutritious entrées and snacks created to the specifications of our corporate registered dietitians. The menus reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans published in 2010, and the Dietary Reference Intakes issued by the Institute of Medicine in 2006.

The caloric distribution of the menu is 50-60% carbohydrate, 20-30% protein and 20-30% fat. Fiber content ranges between 20 and 40 grams, sodium 2-4 grams, cholesterol 100-200 milligrams, and calcium 1000-2000 milligrams.

Jenny Craig's food serves as a model for balance, variety and moderation in food choices and is supplemented by the member’s own fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, reduced-fat dairy and heart-healthy fats.

While on the Jenny Craig program, members use weekly menus that include three Jenny Craig entrees and one Jenny Craig snack per day. Members also have the option of using our flexible meal planning tools to enjoy a special eating out occasion while staying consistent with their weight loss goals.

Once members reach their desired goal weight, they begin a four-week transition to maintenance and eating seven days of their own foods. As an option, they can continue to enjoy the weight management benefits of ongoing portion control and calorie consistency by including one Jenny Craig entrée/snack per day in their Maintenance Menu.

While we've been programmed to cut calories, reduce fat, and minimize portion size in order to lose weight, these tactics leave out one critical element: satisfaction. Jenny Craig has worked with Dr. Barbara Rolls, renowned for her nutrition research on appetite, to incorporate the Volumetrics®-Approach into our program. Volumetrics shows that if you can lower the calorie density of foods, you can reduce the total calories consumed at a meal. Our members seldom complain of hunger or feelings of deprivation due to our emphasis on low-calorie-density foods and the emotional satisfaction of our snacks.

Move More

Jenny Craig's exercise (Move More) component reflects the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and provides a stage-based approach to physical activity.

Suggested strategies and tools are targeted to a member’s specific stage of readiness for physical activity (contemplation, preparation, action or maintenance).

Live Life

Jenny Craig's balanced lifestyle (Live Life) component is designed to support members in developing the motivational mindset and healthy coping skills to maintain healthy changes. Self-care and stress management strategies are integral aspects of this component.


For members who want personalized support, Jenny Craig provides a unique offering of one-on-one weekly consultations. Jenny Craig's consultants are trained in the basics of nutrition, exercise and behavioral modification, with a special emphasis on active listening skills designed to enhance motivation, goal setting and problem solving for weight management success.

Weekly consultations enable the consultant to partner with the member to assess the previous week's successes and challenges, and to develop a realistic food/body/mind action plan for the upcoming week. Identifying personal motivators, facilitating self-monitoring progress, and rewarding positive changes all help to build member self-efficacy—their confidence in their competence with healthy weight behaviors. Self-efficacy is a predictor for success.

During the consultation, members identify their personal motivators, eating style, menu/food preferences, activity stage, and beliefs and behaviors around weight loss. This helps the consultant to focus on a member’s specific strengths and challenges to tailor the program just for them. It's about personalizing our program to fit members’ lifestyles—not adjusting their lives to fit our program.


Jenny Craig’s new suite of tools helps members to plan, track, and monitor their progress quickly and easily from our website, www.jennycraig.com/eTools. Members can access all of Jenny Craig’s planning and tracking tools in one location, at any time on a customized dashboard. Members can plan their meals, browse healthy recipes, record activities and monitor their progress instantly.

Additional Support

Our website, www.jennycraig.com, includes message boards, a 24/7 chat room, helpful program information, inspiring success stories and much more.

24/7 support is offered via a toll-free number: 1-800-JennyCare. Trained staff members are available on weekends and after hours to answer questions and help keep members on track.

Additional Support

Our website, www.jennycraig.com, includes message boards, a 24/7 chat room, helpful program information, inspiring success stories and much more.

Support is offered via a toll-free number: 1-800-JennyCare (536-6922). Trained staff members are available on weekends and after hours to answer questions and help keep clients on track.

Centers continually offer clients a variety of healthy eating- and exercise-related items—such as cookbooks, pedometers, fitness products, and motivational items—to complement their Jenny Craig program and encourage positive lifestyle change.

Program Options

Jenny Craig—with our nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled individual menus, plus stage-based activity and motivational support is the best approach available for weight management. In the spirit of flexibility and customization, we offer members special membership options. For more information, call 1-866-706-4042.

1Rock CL, Flatt SW, Karanja N, et al. JAMA. 2010;304(16):1803-1811

VOLUMETRICS® is a federally registered trademark of Barbara Rolls, PhD, used under exclusive license by JC USA, Inc.