Three Ways to Make a Difference at Jenny Craig.
Team up with clients and meet with them once a week to help them reach their weight-loss goals. You're their guide, their monitor and their one-stop resource for all things Jenny. You're what makes Jenny Craig special.
Program Director
Assist clients and explain program features that will best benefit them. Initiate follow-up phone contact with clients to monitor progress. Sell products and program options to clients based on their individual needs.
Centre Director
Manage the sales, operations, customer service and personnel functions of the centre. You'll also be responsible for the ongoing training and development of the centre staff, ensuring outstanding customer service at all times.
Jenny Craig centres are located across the United States, Canada, England, France, Austrailia and Puerto Rico.
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Consultant [pdf
Jenny Craig Customer Service Coordinator [pdf]
Jenny Craig Program Sales Consultant [pdf]